CCTV Installation Services dealers in Noida Delhi

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CCTV Installation Services dealers in Noida Delhi NCR(Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad,Greater Noida,Newdelhi)

CCTV Installation Services dealers in Noida Delhi
CCTV Installation Services dealers in Noida Delhi

Advanced and Intelligent CCTV Camera Security System, at Office, Home, School, Hospitals Enjoy our SALES / Installation / Repair & AMC Services. Offering you the best quality HD Camera with Night Vision at competitive cost.

We are known amongst our customers CCTV Installation Services dealers in Noida Delhi as a trustworthy service provider of CCTV Installation Services. Widely praised by our clients, our offered service is offered by our trained team members who are perfect in this IT field. Our prices are affordable and our service is reliable and outstanding. To execute this CCTV Installation Service, we use latest technologies and sophisticated methodologies installed at our end. It an effective way to monitor the activities in streets, shops, residence and other public place.

CCTV Installation Services dealers in Noida Delhi enhances the security of home and business and relax yourself with cctv camera installed by Shivaya Computers. we are the one stop shop in NCR for all type of camera solutions and let you enable to feel secure while at off work. Our camera solution has gotten so much appreatiation in last few while and the company is going to be the leading one soon in near future.

With our surveillance security system folk can have their home with no risk. Home CCTV installation in Faridabad Delhi and other major city of NCR has keep the hundreds of home completely secure with HD advanced camera. In cause you want to reach your home while at work, our CCTV Camera installation services installed at home offers you a live glimpse of your home.

Moreover, we are CCTV Camera Dealer of CP Plush, hikvision and other local brand who are playing hard in market. CP Plush and Hikvision are big name which are recommended for their amazing services and warranty plans. Apart from being Camera Dealer cctv camera in Noida we offer our installation services and advise to be ace for client. Looking for CCTV Installation Services,remember the name Shivaya Computers which has played hard even at its first spell. The name is getting hues consideration in terms of CCTV surveillance Systems and maintained its awesome zenith amongst big players as well.

Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi

Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi

Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi

Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi
Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi

I have come across several CCTV camera dealers in Delhi NCR for buying some CCTV cameras for my workplace. Out of the many dealers, I found S K Biometric to be the best one. Their professional approach and way of explaining the benefits of their surveillance products was just exceptional.


I have been using their cameras for over a year now and I am quite satisfied with the overall performance. Their cameras record high-quality images that make it easier for me to identify any unusual activity taking place in my office. The best part is their CCTV cameras record clear videos during both day and night time, making it easier for me to track every single activity taking place within my premises. You can get in touch with them to know more about their security and surveillance products. You can find their contact details on their website : CCTVGLOBAL DELHI NOIDA


Office: Noida

2nd floor,Kaushik Market Sector-51,Noida,(UP) 201301

Office Delhi

Phone: +91877-04-37007

Installing a CCTV system involves a good amount of investment. While we want to ensure that our premises are safe and secured, we also do not want to haste and make this investment a waste. There are plenty of CCTV dealers in Delhi and among those hundred dealers, a name that can be trusted upon is Digital Vision Security. My experience with this company is totally worth sharing of Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi.

I am the owner of one of the biggest chains of lifestyle and fashion stores in Delhi and NCR. While I was looking for a reliable local CCTV dealer, I spotted them on Justdial website. Although there were numerous other companies, I planned to call this particular company before anyone else because their website looked professional. They sent one of their crew members the same day who toured my stores, explained me in details about the appropriate positioning of the cameras and also offered a highly competitive quotation. To ensure that I was taking the correct decision, I called up a few more companies but no one could offer me the same level of satisfaction in terms of price and discussion. I feel glad to have hired this service provider. Knowing that my stores are under 24-hours surveillance, I feel relieved.


However, there are certain very significant factors that you need to bear in mind before installing CCTV cameras.The first and most important of all is the quality of the image. The most recognized CCTV cameras available in the market these days come with 720p and 1080p resolution. Remember, the higher is the resolution, the better will be the image quality.

Secondly, if you have a good amount of budget for CCTV cameras, you should consider installing the ones that come with inbuilt SD card slot instead of the cheaper cameras that depend on the surveillance hard disk in the DVR. With SD card slot, you can insert any capacity of memory cards such as 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB for the purpose of recording.

Thirdly, if you have to install cameras in the front of your establishment or an outdoor space, always consider a waterproof CCTV system as that will protect the cameras particularly during monsoon season.

Fourthly, always ensure to consider the range of the CCTV cameras. The range is dependent on the size of the image sensor and also the focal length of the lens. Cameras with greater range will obviously capture objects that are at a longer distance. The cameras should have a minimum range of twenty to twenty-five metres.

Cctv dealers repairers in Delhi Ncr Noida Gurgaon New Delhi:

Fifthly, CCTV cameras are available in both wired and wireless options. The wired ones are far more reliable to the wireless cameras because they are hard connected via wires. On the contrary, the wireless CCTV cameras provide ease of installation and are beneficial in terms of mobility. Being wireless, they do not upset the aesthetics factor. So decide, which one do you want to install.

Lastly, do not forget to compare the prices and also make sure to check the warranty period. A reliable CCTV camera company will usually offer a one year warranty on their products and the high-end ones may provide a warranty of up to three years or even more.

The next time you choose to hire one of the CCTV dealers Delhi, you should consider the above-mentioned points to make it a remunerative investment. Kindly share your experience if my suggestions prove beneficial.



Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs

Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs

Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs
Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs

There are many Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs,CCTV camera distributor, supplier or service provider in Delhi. But If you take my advice, you should try first them on online marketplaces such as Flipkart, Amazon Snapdeal and Shopclues etc.

Once, trying online, go to the nearest CCTV camera dealers and check for the different variety of Camera with their prices because you will be looking for both cost and quality. Initially checking online is the best option to compare the prices with specification and the products reviews. After choosing CCTV camera note down the model no, and find you’re near about dealers who provide CCTV camera DEMO Session along with installation service in your area.

Remember some points before purchasing CCTV Camera that I mention below.


Choose a Suitable Security Camera:

  • Determine Coverage Area and Target Distance: Before purchasing a CCTV surveillance security camera does a basic overview of the area that you need to see with your CCTV camera. What specific area(s) would you want covering? Depending on the situation you’ll have to pick a surveillance camera that will best capture the scene.



  • Select Security Camera Focal Length: When you have decided the target distance and desired field of view, you’ll need to compute the best central length for every surveillance camera.



  • Choose the Right Camera Type: The correct surveillance camera depends on the specific environment that the camera will be set in Outdoor or Indoor. Its depends on upon your necessity.


  1. Bullet (Outdoor camera): This camera is small (about the size of a finger) with cylindrical shaped camera that are usually sealed in a weatherproof housing.



  1. Dome (Indoor Camera): These are commonly found in shopping centres, malls and retail stores where the CCTV security camera needs to look decent and blend in with the surroundings so as not to make clients feel uncomfortable.



  • Choose Camera Resolution: Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs.This refers to lines of resolution of the CCTV security camera. The more lines of resolution, the more detail that can be found in the video so you need this to be as high as could reasonably be expected. 350 lines of resolution is genuinely low resolution by current guidelines. 480 lines is exceptionally normal and genuinely useful for general utilize. 525 to 580 lines of resolution is viewed as high resolution for standard CCTV and will give the very good picture quality.


  • Night Vision Cameras with good IR lighting: If your CCTV surveillance securities cameras will be utilized for any night time surveillance where the lighting is diminish, then you’ll undoubtedly need to pick a surveillance camera that has infrared (IR) LEDs that illuminate the area range. IR is undetectable to the human eye however not to the camera.



  • Wired vs. Wireless Security Camera: first time CCTV buyers are attracted to the concept of wireless security and wire CCTV cameras. Wireless camera no need to attached no cable required that one need only WIFI connectivity. The same security provides by wired CCTV camera this camera need a cable to connect internet.


  • Cost Consideration: Choosing a suitable cctv camera security system for your business needs,Take your time to investigate and research various different items & products, talk with a vendor you can trust and then buy CCTV equipment after see Demo that represents the best performance for the price as it applies to your security needs. The best value option in CCTV equipment is not always the cheapest one, nor the most expensive one.

I would like to share my experience, when I wanted to buy CCTV camera for my home and office. I search online but I wanted to see DEMO, so I search CCTV service provider dealers in Delhi. I attend many CCTV dealers meetings. But when I meet “Computer Door” that suggest me a DEMO of CCTV camera quality with distance. I was totally satisfied with dealer price and service. I would like to give 8 out of 10 of “Computer Door”. If you want to review then click here.

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2nd floor,Kaushik Market Sector-51,Noida,(UP) 201301