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Industry security cctv camera Noida Delhi,Gone are the days when you see a farmer leaning up against his fence, trousers held up with bailer twine casually chewing on some wheat. These days farms are multi million pound operations with with machinery who’s replacement cost runs into 6 or 7 figures. Fuel, fertilisers, livestock and tools are all potential targets for thieves. Diesel is routinely stolen with criminals illegally using it on the road. Even fertiliser has been stolen, at £300-350 a tonne the 60 bags stolen from a farm in Spalding were worth around £20,000. More recently there is a concern that high nitrogen content fertiliser finds uses outside farming to the point where the government has produced specific advice relating to fertilser storage.

It’s easy to see why more and more farms are turning to CCTV as a possible deterrent and identification aid in the event an incident occurs. The difficulty faced by CCTV is that farms are large places and most CCTV cameras only have a very short optical range. We understand the problems more than most having grown up in rural Lincolnshire.  We are currently based on a farm in Buckinghamshire using it as our test bed for new products and to fine tune existing equipment.

Feel free to contact us if you need help in putting together a CCTV system for your farm. There is no charge and you are under no obligation, we don’t even need to visit the farm as we use internet mapping from which we can take accurate measurements.

We have some cameras particularly well suited to farms. Our B8 series 5-50mm day night camera for example has an optical range of up to 75 metres in HD1080P and captures detail along a large part of the field of view. The worst camera you can use on a farm would be a wide angle one because you wouldn’t capture sufficient detail as you move away and yet we see lots of these used. We are always happy to offer specific advice if you’re thinking of installing CCTV on your farm. We don’t need to vist you, call us up on the phone and we can discuss your specific needs whilst viewing the farm using internet mapping from which we can take the necessary measurements.

Vehicle number plates

Our recently launched HD 1080P industry security cctv camera Noida Delhi systems allow you film a wider area and still identify people or vehicles. Alternatively you can choose to have the cameras zoomed in more to achieve previously unavailable levels of detail capture. All our CCTV systems can be remote monitored using a PC, Mac or mobile devices such a your phone of tablet (iPad etc.). We have developed specific ANPR cameras which allow you to record vehicle number plate details during the day and at night.


The most obvious use of CCTV on a farm is to provide security. Some people consider using PTZ cameras which have the ability to move around. In our experience these are not usually the answer on a farm. They are much more expensive than fixed cameras and unless you have a full time industry security cctv camera Noida Delhi operator can only see one thing at a time. Fitting more fixed cameras for the same price is almost always a better solution. Again, give us a call and we can advise you.

Livestock monitoring

As well as protecting livestock from theft or malicious damage we regularly supply CCTV systems to farmers wanting to monitor livestock during calving or lambing. We also supply CCTV to the poultry industry for remote monitoring purposes. We even had one farmer sucessfully adress a problem of egg theft from an honesty box. It sounds petty but the differnce in being able to maintain that revenue stream rather than give in to the theft and close it down more than paid for the system.

Worker safety

Wide angle cameras whilst not good for capturing high levels of detail can be used to monitor people at work. A farm has many potentially dangerous areas where workers are exposed to danger and CCTV may provide a solution to allow monitoring from a central point.

Wireless CCTV Cameras on Farms

In a word don’t. The theory is great but in practice the distances involved mean licence free equipment rarely works as intended and you are massively limited when it comes to available cameras, particularly longer range external cameras. Whilst cable installation takes a little time you only need to do it once. Once again call us for advice, often it is possible to use longer range cameras to reduce cable runs.

Good industry security cctv camera Noida Delhi needn’t be prohibitively expensive. All our prices are are available in the Shop area of our website and unlike many suppliers there are no ongoing costs once you have bought the equipment. Everything we sell comes with a 2 year guarantee and unlimited technical support.

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